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About us

Ely Scooters is an online shop established in 2020 providing electric scooters catering all budgets. We aim to provide an easy way for people to get around, change the way you travel and enjoy the outdoors. We aim to put customers first and provide a more personalised experience.

As a store focusing on electric scooters, we are in-love with e-scooters and always putting our customers first. We aim to be the most customer-centric brand in the electric scooter market. Our goal is to be your number one online source in Australia for electric scooters. We are an Australian owned and operated business dedicated to giving you the very best brands with a focus on end-to-end cycle from your scooter, from purchase, warranty, and lifetime support.

At Ely Scooters, we want to provide you with a platform that is easy to shop, and has a wide-selection of products and blogs to help you learn more about them. New blogs are released ever now and then so please check them out! Whether you live in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne or any other city or town in Australia, we are here to help.

We specialises only in electric scooters!



Although we were founded in Brisbane, we ship directly from our suppliers warehouses all around Australia.

If you find a lower price to the scooters we stock, please get in touch here and we'll see if we can help. Unfortunately, we do not price match marketplace sites such as eBay, Amazon, Catch, etc and computer/PC/phone stores. However, though we cannot always be the cheapest, what you get is more value from us when compared to other e-scooter seller who just sells them (i.e. computer stores or JB Hifi/Harvey Norman) because we provide you with a lifetime support where you can contact us for any question or issue you might have. 

So wherever you are, whether in Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, we got you electric scooter needs covered!